Professional Support
Risk Assessments

Below are sample risk assessments for you to download and create your own.

For help with risk assessments we have several Health and Safety specialists available on special fixed rates.

Tony Watts - The Event Safety Company -


Below are sample contracts for you to download as a basis for your own. Using a basic sample contract is preferable to having no contract at all but we would strongly advise that your contract is designed specifically to fit the way your business operates.

For help with your contract we have several legal specialists with experience of the wedding industry available on fixed rates to offer advice and support.

Richard Cramer - Front Row Legal -

Fixed rate of £85 for a 1 hour wedding business consultation.

Farima Perry - Perrys Law -

The following associations offer professional advice to their members.

National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP)

Promoting professionalism and integrity within the UK Wedding Industry.

Contact Siobhan Craven-Robins -

Wedding Venue Support Group (WVSG)

Legal advice and support for wedding venues

Contact Duncan -